How Notion Becomes More Than Just a Tool

Learn how to build simple Notion systems that save you up to 260 hours a year.
All while working towards your personal and professional goals.

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"This course is not only teaching me how to use Notion, it's making me rethink my whole life and how I can live it better and more productively"

Nancy Cauwels
Web Designer, Creative Director & CEO at Mark
Gent, Belgium

Get the Most out of Notion.
Get More Done.

The Notion Academy Teaches You to Build Systems That:

Connect daily tasks to high-level goals so your everyday actions can make an impact.

Capture and organize information leading to creative breakthroughs in work and life.

Streamline business workflows so you can focus on income-earning tasks.

Because here's the thing...

Without the Right Systems Notion Isn't Productive

Using Notion shouldn't mean

  • Wasting hours watching impractical Youtube tutorials

  • Downloading complex templates that quickly overwhelm you

  • Setting up incomplete systems that aren't adapted to your goals

  • Building irrelevant and complicated databases you never end up using

  • Giving up because you don't have the time to learn how to master Notion

There's a better way to learn Notion, but...

learning the basics of Notion is only the beginning

A 1,000 person survey of knowledgeable Notion users revealed only 26% of them felt organized.

The problem isn't learning how to use Notion.

It's whether you can create the right systems for your life within it.

Implementing personalized Notion systems is how you stay on top of everything

This is why I created

A self-paced online program that teaches you step-by-step how to create customized productivity systems.

Designed for both new and existing Notion users.

Hey, I'm Dani, and I created The Notion Academy for business professionals and creators who lose their time, money, and potential by using the wrong productivity systems.

I created this course after a few years of running my business on fumes. No matter how hard I worked, things kept falling through the cracks and I was always overwhelmed.

To fix this mess I thought I had to overhaul my entire productivity system and build out intricate workflows.

To be clear: this is totally crazy.

Productivity should not be complicated

So, I set off on a mission to find a productivity solution that would be easy and effective.

I found the answer with Notion.

Notion is the most customizable and capable productivity app on the market. But as a previous product manager, I could see that alone, Notion was just a tool. A vehicle.

What was necessary was to implement systems that could provide a framework for organizing our lives. It's systems that allow us to:

  • Make progress rather than plan it.

  • Nudge us towards a desired outcome.

  • Stop information from slipping through the cracks.

  • Categorize relevant information so we can move from chaos to clarity.

That's why I created The Notion Academy, a program where I teach others how to use Notion by creating time-saving systems that bring them closer to their personal and professional goals.

I'm now a certified Notion ambassador, and in my program, I include personal assignments, offer personalized feedback, and run a vibrant Notion-obsessed community.

More than dozens of students have referenced The Notion Academy for an all-encompassing productivity solution saving in total over 13,000 hours of time (and counting)

And now, I'm here to help you out.

The Notion Academy is For...

Content creators who are looking to capture and organize material to come up with new creative projects.

Business professionals who want to streamline their business workflows so they can focus on high-leverage tasks.

Productivity and self-improvement enthusiasts thinking of charting their progress and habits to hit new goals.

Here's what you get when you sign up for
The Notion Academy

  • I'll teach you the basics of Notion and then help you identify your goals, so we can then build systems that'll show you exactly how you're going to get there.

  • 45 bite-sized, no-fluff video lessons that teach you how to get the most out of Notion.

  • All The Notion Academy templates for a simple task management database, information capture system, and business workflows, normally valued at $60+.

  • 3 private assignments where I provide personalized feedback to help you reinforce what you're learning.

  • Entry to the Slack community with direct access to me and other TNA students where I'll be providing daily support 9 AM - 5 PM GMT.

  • Lifetime access to The Notion Academy material and new material that gets added in the future.

  • Office hours twice per month to hold you accountable and help customize your productivity system.

My entire business relies on the systems I teach in The Notion Academy. I've used these exact systems to achieve my goals of becoming a digital nomad, scale my business, and hit a full time income as a content creator in less than 4 months.

"Absolutely loving the course. Hard goals I have put off for years are now getting the structure they've always craved. I can start thinking about the big picture stuff again without losing daily execution. Having a clear map for the specifics of my dreams is key to my confidence and certainty. A mental load off big time!!!"

Kristian Michail from

"Thanks a ton for putting together the best Notion tutorial course out there! Never seen anything come even close to this one!"

Nancy Cauwels


Here's what you'll learn

One, Two, and Three
Learning the Basics

These three simple modules are where you'll learn the Notion building blocks: the interface, pages, and databases.

It's built for Notion newbies looking to get started and existing users who want to learn some new tricks.

By the end of these modules, you'll understand Notion's potential as a personal productivity system.

Module Four
Building a Goal/task Management System

You can't get to where you want to be if you don't know what it is.

In this module, we dig deep into your desires to be able to then create a system that'll help you work towards your goals.

These systems have integrated feedback loops, meaning you'll be reminded on a weekly basis of your goals.

By emphasizing consistency, you'll soon see the compounding effects of your efforts.

Module Five
IPO Knowledge Management System

Your brain is meant to have ideas, not to hold them. That's where the Notion IPO system comes in.

This system captures all the information you consume online (input), helps you internalize it (process), and turns the material into new creations (output).

People will think you're some kind of genius. But in reality, you just know how to manage the information that comes your way.

Module Six
Business Workflows

We're going to streamline your business initiatives, databases, and operations so you can focus on high-leverage tasks.

We'll put all the pieces of your business together, including:

Client Relationship Management (CRM)Product and Sales ManagementFinances ManagerSOPsand much more.
Thanks to this system, you'll spend less time on work, but get twice as much done 💃🏼

Let me show you around

"My mind has been blown by Daniel and how he's applied this approach to the systems he's built in Notion"

Dylan Lau


Program + Feedback + Community
  • 6-Module curriculum
  • TNA Community Access to ask questions in real time and get inspired from other students
  • Personalised Feedback for ALL assignments
  • Access to free and exclusive TNA templates $60+ value
  • Lifetime Access to The Notion Academy lessons and all future updates
  • 12-Month Access to Live Bi-Weekly Office Hours and Recordings
  • Hotseat Sessions. Apply beforehand and we'll workshop any issue you have in real time
  • 1x 75-minute Consultation Call with Daniel $300 value
  • Priority Support and Accountability Check-Ins

You've Got Nothing to Lose.

100% Money-Back Guarantee.

It's important to me your investment is risk-free.
I'm confident TNA will redefine your productivity workflow, but if within 30-days of purchasing the course you aren't satisfied you'll receive a full refund.
Zero questions asked (although I would highly appreciate your feedback)

Got more questions?

Can't I already find this stuff for free online?

  • You definitely can. But the internet is a very big (and messy) place. You're paying for the curation, community, personalization, and personal support this program offers. TNA is about creating your personal productivity systems for your entire life. Watching a few Notion Youtube videos won't get you there!

I'm not a very technical person. Will I still get value out of this?

  • I have a coding background, and let me tell you: I haven't written a lick of code in the past 10-years. Nada. Zilch. None. Notion is part of the "no-code" movement, and is meant for people like you who've always wanted to build things online but didn't know how. Now anyone can build powerful systems.

What if Notion goes bankrupt and all my productivity systems and information vanish into thin air?

  • I hear ya. It's kind of crazy to think of putting your digital life into a single app. Luckily for us, Notion is doing great. It recently hit a $2 billion valuation and raised over $50 million from Index Ventures. If that still doesn't convince you, you can easily download your information at any time and store it somewhere safe. Either way, you're covered.

There are a bunch of Notion courses out there. Why spend hundreds of dollars on yours?

  • It's true - it's not a small amount of money! But the TNA is not a transaction; it's an investment. To guarantee your investment has the highest ROI possible, I considered these factors when designing the program.

  • TNA is not about learning the basics of Notion, but building systems tailored to your life to boost your productivity, and in extension, your profits.

  • All videos are scripted, pre-recorded, edited, concise, and high-quality saving you time and confusion.

  • The way to learn is by doing. By assigning projects with personalized feedback, you'll become a Notion expert.

  • The Notion Academy is more than an online program. With a community, weekly office hours, and regular check-ins, you're joining part of something larger than yourself that you'll have for life.

How long will it take for me to get through the course? I don't have all the time in the world.

  • This is a self-paced program. Some people will consume all the content within a few days. Others prefer to space it out over a few months.

  • Regardless, you'll have my support for as long as you need. In total, there's about 5-hours of video content. Paired with the personalized feedback, I'd say it would take approximately ~15 hours to completely digest everything you've learned. Boom.

  • Remember that when learning new things, there will always be a learning curve. At first, you'll start off a little slow, but then it'll smooth out.

  • Within just a few hours, you'll be well on your way to making Notion your digital home. Promise.

I just want to learn the basics of Notion. Do I still need to pay for this program?

  • Nope! I've made a free 5-Day Notion Course for people like yourself who are only interested in the essentials. Just pop your email into the query and you'll get everything right in your inbox.

  • Oh, and I never spam.

  • Obviously.

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Don't spend weeks learning Notion

Nail it in 5 days

  • Finally understand all features in Notion

  • Get familiar with Notion's workspace

  • See what Notion is capable of

  • 14 chronological step-by-step videos

Finding Notion frustrating?

I know I did. There are too many options. That's why it took me long time to understand the ins and outs of the app.
And now that I've been using the tool professionally for 2 years, I want to gift you this FREE video course so you can do in 5 days what took me weeks (if not months!)

My promise is that in just 5 days you will feel at ease using Notion and you will feel ready to craft your personal and business systems

And watch the first video immediately

This is what you're going to receive

Day Zero

Warm welcome to the course. We start getting used to Notion's main interface from the get go. Then we cover the foundation of Notion. Pages and blocks.

Day One

We start using basic automations such as page templates and we build our first project. A trip planner

Day Two

Introduction to Notion's databases. What is a database and all basic database properties.

Day Three

We learn how to display the data we really want to see in our databases by using filters, sorts, and different database views.

Day Four

We cover advanced database features such as relations and rollups and we learn how to automate database templates

Day Five

Full in-depth walkthrough on how I REALLY use Notion. My process of organizing my goals and my weekly and monthly reviews.

And watch the first video immediately

Hey there I'm Daniel, Notion Ambassador.

After 5 years in the engineering field as a project manager, and now over 1 year as a Notion Consultant, I know a thing or two about creating systems that work.

My systems have been used extensively by the smartphone industry and now I'm using what I've learned to help individuals and freelancers organise their lives.

Join 5 Days to Notion Mastery to get started with the app that's revolutionising the productivity industry.

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